Dyslexia for a Day Inservice

Springfield Center for Dyslexia and Learning provides continued education or in-service training for small groups or school districts with our “Dyslexia Defined” presentation.

This two-hour training covers the history of dyslexia, myths and facts, symptoms and accommodations, and teaching techniques.

Cost is $300 for up to 50 attendees plus mileage.

We also offer a combined Dyslexia Simulation (to learn more about the Simulation presentation, click here) and Dyslexia Defined presentation. The joint training lasts approximately 4 hours, and costs $550 for up to 50 attendees plus mileage.

Please inquire about rates for full-day workshops or groups larger that 50 attendees.

For more information about training options or to schedule a presentation, please complete the contact form below or call our office at (417) 269-0259.